Short story 16

Dick had more degrees than a thermometer. His father had been a doctor in a poor part of London, and he had not always charged for his services. Consequently the family had been poor all his childhood. Although sympathetic to his father’s position he was not going to live like that now he was master of his own fate.

He had first qualified as a doctor, but soon realised there was not enough money in it, so he then qualified as a dentist, where money was in abundance.

His love life was rather chaotic and it resulted in a divorce and an angry mistress, both of whom sued him for a lot of money. He quickly got fed up with paying solicitor’s fees, so he got himself a law degree and did his own legal work. As he had always been a lover of music he studied and acquired a music degree, and became president of the Wagner Society in his part of London. His later girlfriend often criticised him and called him silly, so he became London chess champion and came third in the European Backgamon Championships. Otherwise he was quite normal.

His dental practice was doing very well so he decided to open another in a part of South London that lacked dental facilities. He visited dental equipment suppliers and arranged for the expensive necessary pieces of gearto be delivered to his new premises, along with the invoice. Very soon the new practice was flourishing.

The invoice arrived. He ignored it. A few weeks later another invoice arrived. He ignored that. Finally the suppliers phoned him up.”You accused us of exploitation with our interest terms and you said you would pay cash.”

“Yes! I did! But I didn’t say when.”


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