Short story 6

Miss Hall, the English mistress, got the good readers in the class to stand up and read aloud some ‘Just So Stories’. “Now I know you don’t expect to get homework until you go up to a senior school, but I would like you all to write me a Just So Story at home tonight, and we will read them all out tomorrow.”

Then as an afterthought, “And you can illustrate them with a little drawing if you like.”George’s story was not very good, as he was he was poor at reading and writing, so he drew a couple of pictures to illustrate it.

The next morning Miss Hall was so surprised at George’s effort that she took it to the headmaster, Curly, – Mr Curlson.

Mr Curlson was going to have discipline, even if it was just an infant school. “He couldn’t have drawn those, Call the boy here,” he demanded.

George timidly entered the headmaster’s study. It usually meant trouble.

“Who drew these?”

“I did sir”

“Don’t lie to me. Your mother or your sister did. Didn’t they? That’s cheating.”

“No, sir”

“He might have done them, “interrupted Miss Hall.

“Nonsense! Call the art master and we’ll see.”

Mr James, the art master entered somewhat puzzled.

“George here says he drew these. Is that possible?”

“Oh yes! He’s very good. He could do even better than that.”

Mr Curlson’s expression turned to one of surprise, and then irritation.

“All right. You can go now,”he mumbled to George, half lost in his moustache, looking very vexed.

George left the study rather puzzled. ‘Grown-ups are very strange.’ He thought.


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