Short story 9

The music master, Mr Jones, brought in one of the new portable wind-up gramophones, and played the children a 78rpm recording of Aire on a G String. George loved it.
“Sir. Can we sing it?”
“No. It’s for string players.”

“String players?”

“Yes violins and cellos. There are no words.”

“Couldn’t we hum it?”

“That wouldn’t sound the same.”

“Well could you write some words?”

“No. There are some things that are best left as they are.”


“Everything and everybody has limitations. The important thing in life is to find those boundaries and make the most of what can be done within them.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“Life is not fair. We just have to make the most of it.”

Jim, George’s friend came round to see if he could come out to play football.

“Can I go out?”

“No, you’ve got to do the washing up.”


“Because I say so!”

“Jim’s mother lets him go out.”

“That’s up to Jim’s mother. I’m your mother you do as I say.”

“But that’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair. I’m your mother. You do as I say!”

“But Mum.”

“You go on any more and you’ll go straight to bed.”

“I don’t like grown-ups” George mumbled under his breath.  


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