You can download the complete scores and parts as PDF and/or MXL files, if available. Free of charge, but not anonymously. Your name and email address will give you access. Contact is appreciated.

The Meal Logic

  1. Town Square
  2. The Youth and the Bass Sax
  3. The Persuasion
  4. The Start of the Dinner
  5. Eating Interlude 1
  6. The Band Enters
  7. The Swedish Dancer
  8. Eating Interlude 2
  9. The Handsome Man
  10. Eating Interlude 3
  11. The Woman with the Big Nose
  12. Eating Interlude 4
  13. The Hunchback Drummer And The Giant
  14. Henk’s Waltz – End of the Meal
  15. Concert Hall
  16. End of the Meal – Exit Band
  17. The Concert
  18. Asembling for the Concert
  19. Ballet Ensemble – The End
  20. Conclusion – Lizz the Wizz


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