Short story 10

George hoped it would rain. Morning break was coming up and if it rained, they would not all have to go out to play in the playground. The playground was noisy and he did not know anyone.

Unfortunately the rain stopped and the sun shone; but not on George. He was forced to go out. He hovered in the entrance and hoped the bell would ring soon.

Miss Blogs, who was on playground duty, noticed him. “What are you doing here? Why aren’t you out enjoying the sun?”

“I don’t know anybody.”

“Yes you do. What about your classmates?”

“I don’t like them. They are noisy.”

“Of course you do. Let’s see if we can find someone.” She stepped out into the middle of the playground and beckoned Katey Smith, one of the senior girls who was with a group of friends.

Katy took George’s hand and linked up with her friends. Then they whisked around the square, hands clasped in a long line, ever faster. It was great fun. They laughed, and they laughed, and they laughed. George was overjoyed. It was such ecstasy that he loved the world. The sun shone on him at last. He was disappointed when the bell went to finish the break.

The next day George was eager to go into the playground. He saw Katy. “Hallo” he said.

“Hallo” replied Katy, as she walked away to join her friends.

He just stood. George was encompassed by a blanket of sorrow.


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